Fantasy Sculptor and Illustrator

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          Art is not about the things that we create, it's about the effect that we leave with our viewers. Without an audience, the drawings, sculptures, paintings, excreta, lose their power to mean something. It's not about the whole of humanity or even a small group of people. Art speaks to everyone in different ways because everyone has their own present, past, and future.


          I lived in Coquitlam British Columbia for most of my life, only coming to Alberta after my grade 12 graduation. I left BC to further my education and to grow as an artist. The main things that I still carry with me from my childhood are my memories, my passion for art, and a wish to grow as an artist. I strongly believe that the University of Calgary Art Department has developed my skill and passion for fine art more than I had ever hoped for.


          Fantasy has been an integral part of my life since I was a child. I imagine worlds that are not too different from our own, where creatures and sentient beings of all sort live, work, and play. These fantasy worlds come together in my head, some screaming to be drawn or created into a 3D figure. Many their stories still wait to be told, while a few others have been successfully developed into a finished art piece. Fantasy is often thought of as being a child’s dream, but I strongly believe that a person can and should carry those dreams with them throughout their entire life. Without dreams and fantasy, life quickly becomes a dull place without any sort of wonderment or awe.





2013-18     University of Calgary, BFA, Visual Studies, Grad: April 2018

2018-         University of Calgary, MArch, Environmental Design, Expected Grad: April 2021




Group Exhibitions


2018            cSpace, Push, Calgary, Alberta

2018            Winter Garden at Jamison Place, Art and Martinis, Calgary, Alberta

2016            The Know Gallery, Pull, Calgary, Alberta

2014            621 Gallery, Post-Min, Calgary, Alberta